Friday, June 05, 2015

Busy Season

 photo 5_zpsleisoa57.jpg

I know the blog is skipping some days now. We are OK. It's a very busy season with little time for anything else. Clint took off a week from work to install the vinyl but that only brought us to the half way point. The house has lots of corners and additions making it a little harder than the average job. We had roofers here for two days which meant we had to stop. We also had visitors and a couple of birthdays. 

In the picture, Caleb is in the white shirt nailing on vinyl siding. He has grown so much! Amanda is holding the ladder for Clint while he installs J-molding. Joshua is scratching his leg while he heads to cut another piece of siding which was my job until he took over. Brandon is at the door letting me know he put on supper and got up the trash. While watching for a customer to arrive, I picked up dropped molding scraps, moved my plants out of the way, acted as DJ with the stereo, and kept the unnecessary traffic off the deck.