Saturday, June 13, 2015

Livestock Auction

Photos are from a livestock auction we attended in Harrisonburg, VA.

 photo 4_zpsc0xja5k0.jpg

 photo 5_zpsxsrfemmb.jpg
Some animals were painted on their backs for easy i.d. purposes.
Some were weighed as they were separated into lots.
I noted all of the men there, except one foul tempered man, were reasonably gentle with the animals. I asked God to teach the cruel man a lesson that would have him showing more compassion to the animals.

 photo 6_zpsahywp3dm.jpg
The auction house was very large with many chutes and pens.
I only saw one obviously sick animal.
You could walk around the mezzanine and look at the animals.
When we went there were mostly cattle and goats...

 photo 2_zpsuzkridtp.jpg
..and old cowboys.
...and a pretty yak I liked.
I made an instant friend with a young, excited Spanish cowboy wannabe who asked me a lot of questions about managing a herd of goats.

 photo 3_zps6nygcaca.jpg
auction ring

 photo 7_zpslmlzhltj.jpg
I enjoyed watching these two.