Friday, July 10, 2015

Edgar Allan Poe's Gravesite

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his wife and mother in law are buried beside him

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Sometime between when we arrived and before we left, 
someone placed a rose on his grave.

Anyone who has studied American Literature has studied the life of Poe. He had a most tragic life. Even in death, his memory was shrouded in the mysterious way he was found, cause of death, and then his reputation was insulted. It is thought that the stories of drugs and alcohol in Poe's life were invented and spread by a rival. His family and closest friends strongly contested these stories and no evidence was brought forward to support the claims. The man who gave us stories that stick in our heads left us with another in the story of his tragic life and death.

Visiting Poe's grave in March 2015 was an "experience." If you plan to go, I highly recommend you go after the morning commuter traffic. There were policemen stationed on every corner for good reason. A virtual tour with some Poe props would be a great classroom experience!