Thursday, August 27, 2015

Article: Why Pregnancy Before Marriage Isn't a Sin

I realize a lot of people's minds are going to be tripped up over wording, but the underlying message of this article written by Ivan G is so important to convey. I agree, as does the author, that sex outside of marriage is a sin. What about the baby?

If we believe God knew and formed each human being in our mother's wombs, then we can't call any pregnancy an accident or a mistake. Children are called a heritage and reward (very good things!) with no quantifiers on when or how placed on that statement. 

If Christians do not give the hope that is in Jesus and reach out to young women who find themselves in this situation, we are worse than the abortion culture so loudly calling to them. Why do I say worse?  Because we have LIFE (Jesus) to offer while all the abortion culture is selling is death. God condemns sin, but He offers truth with love, mercy, hope, peace, and joy to the repentant. Our words and action need to reflect His plan of redemption.

"We tend to use words like “unwanted” for a pregnancy that is unplanned. But every baby is wanted by God. He/she is knitted together in a womb, and Jesus has died for that child. We should not use “unwanted” and “unplanned” interchangeably." read more at Why Pregnancy Before Marriage Isn't a Sin

"So my number one concern for those in this situation isn’t if they will have challenges, but how is her relationship with God? And that should be yours too. If restoration is needed, remember to restore gently (Galatians 6:1)." read more at Response to Why Pregnancy Before Marriage Isn't a Sin