Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Vinyl Siding

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We are nearing completion on installing the vinyl siding on our home. We started in June and have only been able to work every other weekend due to Clint's call in schedule. In spite of that, it has went up quickly. We missed some weeks due to heat and family events. Over the twenty years we've lived here, I wished many days for vinyl siding. My timing would have ruined the blessing in it. God gave us a wonderful work crew in our children. They have been very positive and very helpful throughout this project. Clint has been able to teach the oldest five a new skill. As they have worked beside their father, Clint has imparted life lessons coupled with Biblical truths. The music of our laughter echoes across our farm as we work. Everyone has helped out in some way or another from prep work to clean up. As we walk around and look at our work, we have so many fun memories on each part of the house!

Rather than rent a lift for $450 for the weekend, Clint decided to buy a 36' ladder for around $400 with a stabilizer bar ($40). The lift is a one time use, but the ladder can be used over and over or resold for most of the investment back.

The quotes we had on vinyl siding our home were close to $35,000. That was with leaving the abestos shingle siding on our old farm house. We were told by two contractors it was one of the more complicated jobs due to all of the additions, windows, and protrusions. There was a lot of prep work that had to be done before it could be vinyled. We saved $25,000 by doing it ourselves and were able to invest in several other areas that will give us a good return for our money. We also took two short vacations and were able to help some people in need.