Monday, October 05, 2015

The Boy and the Nose

 photo 1_zpssdqyknvf.jpg
broken nose

 photo beforesurgery_zpsplskh9p6.jpg

 photo 1_zpsgosmxluq.jpg
after surgery
cast is put on crooked to apply pressure

Joshua broke his nose last Saturday. Jack handle 1, Joshua 0. We took him to the ER. They could not fix it, so they sent us to an ENT. The ENT could not fix it, so they sent him to a surgeon on Thursday. Friday, he had surgery. The initial injury was less painful than the repair. He came back to us with swollen lips, swollen cheeks and forehead, a bleeding nose, bleeding down his throat (draining from nose), a tender throat from intubation, and a bad headache. There was significantly more trauma to fix it than it was to break it! Then there are the blood clots...yuk-ack-nasty! They gave him narcotics for pain, but those have caused him to vomit repeatedly which is not fun with a broken nose. The surgeon said his nose will be fragile for a while so he has to really watch what he does for the next month or so. The worst period will be immediately after the cast comes off. It took some doing, but we got rid of his new very crooked nose and have his old slightly crooked nose back!