Tuesday, December 01, 2015

An Opportunity?

Brandon went to Indiana for a system initiation in October. While he was there, he was able to work directly with the "big bosses" in his company. They were very impressed with his knowledge and skill set. Since then, they have continued to offer him a position that would take him to Georgia. 

He doesn't need the money. His starting pay was $40+k but that does not factor in his big cash incentives or his raises. He has just purchased a home and settled into a routine. He has plans to travel Europe this spring that would be affected if he moved to a new position. He sees us every day so he is able to keep up with the ebb and flow of our family. He would also have to give up his dog. (He informed me later that he makes a good bit higher than this and also has a good side business going with the potential for growth there. The point is, the extra income isn't a factor in his decision because his needs are more than met where he is. If you are wondering, yes, Brandon knows this is posted. I don't post any info about my children without their consent.)

However, this job is more along the lines of his interests and will be two pay grades above where he is now. That's a pretty big opportunity for a 23 year old man! He refused the job, but they have continued to call and talk to him about it weekly. They have offered to sell his house, help him find a new place to live, and will pay for all of his moving costs. The deal keeps getting sweeter. The pressure is definitely on!

Right now, he is a sys admin over two local plants of a multinational company. He is responsible to help solve issues at other plants if called upon. It is very demanding, and he has already mastered much of what he wanted to learn there. The company is very slow about integrating new technology which would allow him to run things more proficiently.

I love that he wants to keep close especially since Emily and Hannah are still so young. However, I also don't want him to miss out on something great God has in store for him because of us. My mother's heart wants to hold onto him, but my head says to let go and let God lead him. So, I am praying for God to guide him. I want what is best for Brandon whatever that may be even if it pains me.

I am very thankful God led Clint and I to homeschooling which has fostered a great love of learning in all of our children. It is because of homeschooling that Brandon was free to pursue his interests and become proficient in his field at such a young age. It has been a joy to watch this interest spark, grow, and then become a raging passion in my son.

I am also very thankful we listened to God instead of the family members who told us they felt homeschooling was "child abuse" that would "never get them a college education or a good paying job." Man, the pressure people put on you when you are young! Whew! I think we homeschooling parents get some of the rudest comments ever but, we can learn from them too. Harsh opinions serve to tear down individuals, tear apart relationships, and quite possibly, to distract others from God's leading. It would be better to hold your opinions while praying for God to bless the person with wisdom and guidance. Then, trust God to do His job in their life.