Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Urgent Prayer Need

1/9: Two of our friends from SCS elementary and high school married and had a son named Brandon. They divorced some time ago. One parent is in the middle east. The other parent is on vacation out of state and can not get a flight home until tomorrow. Brandon had a bad motorcycle accident tonight. He is on life support. His mother is asking for prayers. Please keep the Panther family in prayer. Thank you very much.

1/12: Brandon is still in very critical condition and is on life support. He is responding to pain, so they are keeping him sedated. He has had a rough few days with many complications and needs prayer that enough oxygen from his bruised lungs will reach his brain to prevent further neurological damage. Brandon is around 28, is strong and healthy, and has shown he is a fighter. His mother is with him. As far as I know, his father is still in the middle east due to work there, but he is keeping in touch.

1/13: Brandon, my friends' son, is showing some improvement. His blood oxygen levels are rising as of this afternoon. 

1/15: His O2 levels have come up a little more, but he is still in a coma.

1/19: My friends' son's lungs have improved, and they will put in a trache today to remove tubes. Then, they will begin to wake Brandon up. There is a blood clot from his lower abdomen to near his heart. They can not put in a filter or operate to remove it due to how close it is to the heart. If it dislodges, it would be "devastating." It will be reabsorbed by his body over several months. Prayers are needed that it stays put and reabsorbs quickly. Thank you to all who are praying for my friends' son.

1/22: All I can say is PRAISE THE LORD!! Brandon has been on the ventilator for almost 8 hours today. The plan is to extend that to 12 hours tomorrow and weant him off early next week if all goes well. He tried to give a thumbs up today and answered yes twice to inquiries about pain..once to his mom and once to nurses. He is moving his eyes but not able to track yet.  He did turn his head some and look at his mom and his dad though. She said he will need knee surgery before he is able to walk again. The accident was so bad, earlier, an officer said he is surprised he is even alive. Brandon has a long ways to go but is making progress. Lori (FGH alumni) sends thanks to all who are praying.

I just got a private message from his daddy. Brian (SCS alumni) said he is more alert and is responding to commands an answering yes and no. "I'm so happy!" Brian reports. Thank You, Father, for keeping my friends' son alive and whole!

1/26: Doctors are not liking the way the blood clot is looking, so surgeons plan to operate on Friday. It is a "a massive blood clot that is attached in his abdomen and is floating all the way up to his heart." It is a very risky procedure, and our friends, great uncle/aunt, the Outlands, are asking for strong intercession from prayer warriors.

In situations like this, I also always pray for salvation for the patient and their parents and friends.