Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Dining Room

 photo 2_zpswhb20uyc.jpg

I wanted something that looked trendy and would work with our brown couches. I spent a lot of time looking at interior decorator sites for ideas. I found a few magazines/sites featuring blue walls, brown couches, and the same burgundy I have for my valances. I chose blue because it is soothing, calming, and welcoming. In a busy household, those things are important. For years, we made do with the painted paneling and ceiling tiles, so we are both thankful they are gone. It's such a great time in our family to be doing this! Our children are learning new skills and making memories right beside us. They are old enough now that the worst of the wear and tear years are behind us. We are having fun tucking time capsules in the walls too.

 photo 1_zps2pj9vprz.jpg

Now to the dining room...