Friday, March 11, 2016

Allergy Remedy

After hearing my friends complain about seasonal allergies, I wanted to share this in hopes it helps someone. For the past few years, every spring and fall, I had horrible season allergies that lasted months. I believe my immune system took a big hit with the emotional strain of my pregnancies and subsequent miscarriages/stillbirths and other events. 

Once the allergies started, I'd get sinus and ear infections. Seizing the opportunity, the EBV would flare up giving me swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, daily fevers, headaches, fatigue, etc. I had about six good months of the year and six I just pushed through. Last fall, after exhausting herbal medicine I had to go on antibiotics for the first time in nearly 20 years. I was not happy about it, but it showed how weakened my system had become. Frustrated with the pattern, I decided I needed to slow down and take care of me for a change. I looked for answers and a way to help myself.

I took the following herbal protocol I found on Stephen Buhner's website exactly as stated for one week. Life was chaotic the second week, so I doubled a single dose and took that once a day. I could see changes during the second week. Seven drops of the four herbs filled approximately 1/4 tsp. Ten drops of the set of three filled approximately 1/4 tsp. All except one of the tinctures I purchased were alcohol based. 

When I doubled them, I mixed them in a plastic bottle cap and took them all at once. I think if all of them were glycerin based tinctures, it would cling and coat the cap too much. A spoon would be a better choice in that situation. 

My friends are complaining about allergies this week due to an early spring. I pulled my head up from work long enough to realize...I am allergy free! I am working outside every day with animals or in dusty conditions and have not had the problems I normally have. Through Amazon, it cost me about $70-90 to buy all of the herbs. It will last me at least two seasons if I take it a few weeks for each. This kind of relief was well worth the price! I am very thankful Mr. Buhner has this on his website free for anyone to use for their benefit. It has been a tremendous help to me, and I hope it helps someone else.

I would start with:
• Herbal tincture combination of: Chinese skullcap, licorice, isatis, and lomatium. Equal parts of each tincture mixed together, ¼ tsp 3x daily. AND
• Tincture combination of: rhodiola, reishi, kudzu. Same dosage AND
• Cordyceps 2000 mg 3x daily or tincture: ¼ tsp 3x daily 
And do this for 60 days and see if it helps. From: