Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Barn Walls

 photo 1_zpsy4huz11p.jpg

The barn is 30x40. We purchased the roof through Clint's brother. The children and I did the first three rows of the walls ourselves. Clint and the children finished the fourth row. Since he is still battling something, Clint paid for it with an increase in pain for a couple of days. Our goal is to get the barn wrapped and vinyl sided before next winter.

 photo 2_zpswowjjheu.jpg
Amanda was just looking and was hanging on to the cross beam.

Shipping pallets that are rained on cannot be used in the food industry. That is how we obtained free, brand new, hardwood pallets to use for the walls. Clint used a variety of methods to add support and strength to the walls. The results are very sturdy walls!

 photo 4_zpshozlr2ab.jpg

Our barn sits on railroad ties that are anchored into the ground. On top of that is salt treated lumber. This shed will eventually house goats and more. We intend to add a second level in the future.

 photo 6_zpsd200efjq.jpg