Thursday, July 07, 2016

A Fun Long Weekend

Miss Em had a great birthday on the 3rd!

Even though we didn't get to set off the fireworks we purchased, we had a fun filled celebration of our nation's independence. Fyi, non-aerial fireworks are legal in our county.

We live right across the river from the very place our country won her independence in Yorktown where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington. They have a big fireworks display which we can see a bit of over the tree tops. This year's was cancelled.

 photo JnBrapping1_zpsjvswxc84.jpg

 photo jnbrapping11_zpsppqzdvnj.jpg

 photo jnbrapping12_zpsxh8rgw5l.jpg

 photo jnbwhalesong_zpsj0mgjhnf.jpg
two of our stars, The Rapping Duo

We were blessed with a huge buffet of food mostly cooked on the grill by Clint. The children filled 700 water balloons for a massive water balloon fight. There was good fellowship with neighbors and surprisingly talented impromptu entertainment! We later settled in for a couple of movies as a family.

We also managed to get some work done. We took apart, repaired, and reinstalled our bathroom shower doors, installed a new side door, and established our RV for use as our farm sales office.

We'll set of the fireworks during our annual bonfire gathering this fall.