Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Around Here September 2016

Clint and I have been fairly ill the past several days. We are on antibiotics, but they are not helping. The assumption is that it is something viral. Whatever it is, it is mean. It's already been through the rest of the family but seems to be hitting us harder.

Brandon has been buying furniture and settling more into his home.

Amanda has asked to move back home and made some wiser choices. Since making those changes, she's found a full time job and has her sights set on purchasing a house within the next year. She's been taking care of us and running the household the last few days which has been a tremendous blessing.

Joshua and Bethany had their 17th and 13th birthdays on the 17th. Since Clint and I were sick, we are planning a "do over" for their birthday celebration.

Joshua got his braces put on. Four brackets fell off within the first half an hour. He went back to get them put on and the orthodontist did not "have the stuff to do it with."

Caleb has announced he wants to start an apprenticeship with a carpenter. We are looking for an opportunity near us.

Emily has been cooking for our turtles and tortoises. The turtles will be hibernating soon so their appetites and nutrition needs have gone up quite a bit. Hannah has learned that pigtails keep her hair from being a knotted mess every morning. That's saving us both some time every day.

I had something fun and profitable dropped in my lap a few months ago. I wasn't looking for it, but it found me. It's been a big blessing to our family and many others. It's keeping me busy and has really helped with the Christmas gift list.