Monday, August 28, 2017

NC Tire Change Large or Small


I am friends with the Vance family through Facebook. 
RATC is located in Caldwell County.
They are hardworking people of integrity.
If you need tires changed on heavy equipment, tractors, semis, etc, please consider calling.

What age range is best for siblings to play and interact with one another?

I was asked "What age range is best for siblings to play and interact with one another?"

Playing is simply engaging in an activity for enjoyment. 

My seven children range in age from 26 to 8. Even though he has his own house, my 26 year old will sit and play Legos, play in the pool, throw water balloons with, race Matchbox cars, etc for hours now and then with my 8 and 10 year olds. He often invites all six of his siblings to his house for pizza, movies, games, and sleep overs. They laugh and have a blast together. 

When I have the time for it, I am out there with them playing just as hard. I am 48, almost 49. When I play with a baby's feet and make him laugh, I am not counting the age difference. I am counting the smiles we both get out of the shared fun experience.

It's not the age, but the love in the relationship that keeps people of all ages interacting and relating to one another. It's up to the parents to teach their children to value and preserve relationships.

I told my older children it was up to them to reach out and build those relationships with their youngest siblings. They have taken that advice and run with it. 

My oldest daughter is 22, and she plans "Girl Days" where the four girls go shopping, go out to eat (her treat), do a craft, or do hair and make up while watching a movie. She and my two youngest went paint-balling with her co-workers recently.

Like my 96 year old grandfather who kept a collection of modern toys that he showed off simply because they delighted him, I intend to keep engaging in fun (playing) until I die.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What do you say to those who are against homeschooling?

I had this happen to me over 20 years ago. They were Christians. I asked them what Biblical basis they had against homeschooling. They had nothing which told me it was just opinions I was dealing with. I thanked them for their concern and told them we felt homeschooling was the way the Lord was leading us. I explained that even though it was different than what they preferred for us, we were going to follow as the Lord led. If they sincerely felt we were in error on this, then to please pray for us and trust God to do that work in our lives.

That worked!

It took the focus off of coming to us with their worries and sent them straight to the Lord.

I made up my mind to obey God and not let the voices of others distract/hinder me even for a moment from where He was leading. God blessed that.

My oldest graduated at the top of his college classes. At 22, he was the youngest person working where he works as the sysadmin over two industrial plants. He makes VERY good money, just got back from a two week trip in Europe, owns two cars, has paid off most of his college loans, has a good start on his retirement fund, and at 23 years old purchased his own home.

When she was 19, my now 22 year old was given a raise and made assistant manager over the store where she worked after being cashier for two months because of her work ethic and accuracy. She has a new job that she has been working three months and has already been moved up with raises twice. She is on her way to buying her own home.

I have a 13 year old who is almost done with high school through a regionally accredited online course.

There's nothing like success to quiet the dissenters.