Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Do I consider myself aged?

Someone asked me this because they saw the Titus 2:3-5 verses on my page. How "old" (decrepit, worn out) I feel depends on which day you ask me. LOL

Most women who believe in and try to follow what Scripture outlines in Titus 2 have it on their website also as a reminder to themselves and other women of what God has called us to do. I have it on mine to declare to visitors and myself "This is what I believe God has called Wendy to do: to be sober, to love her husband, to love her children, to be discreet, chaste, a keeper at home, good, obedient to her own husband, that the word of God be not blasphemed (showing contempt or disrespect for)." The world calls us to a different direction than God's Word does. Even many Christians and churches today try to think ways around what God has commanded. Is there no wonder the divorce rate among Christians is nearly the same as the world's? If you behave as the world does, you reap the same fruit they do.

There's a big Titus 2 fellowship among Christian women on the internet. I use to belong to a list years ago called Titus 2 where women the age I am now passed on what they had learned to me and other women. We had been looking for the older women mentioned in Titus in our own neighborhoods and churches, but were unable to find them...so the internet filled the need of mentorship.

I do consider myself "aged" in the respect I am responsible for passing on what I have learned in my walk with Christ as a wife, mother and homekeeper.

The beauty in Titus 2 is that it calls us to both be mentored (be ministered to) and mentor (minister) to share knowledge and wisdom from one another to help us in this life God has called us to. I have been the "aged women" (mentored) to women the same age as or older than myself who were just beginning their call to stay home, homeschooling, or having difficulties in their marriage. In experience, I was the "aged woman" responsible in passing along what I had learned about obeying God and caring for my family.