Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Red dye stains removal tip

This was about 13 years too late for me-no longer have carpet-but I know other mothers will appreciate it:

Replacement Reprieve

I have a way to get stains out of carpet. I had a woman hunt
me down one day. She needed her house cleaned. When I got
there, she told me what needed to be done and then she said
she had to get new carpet. I asked her why. She had just had a
professional carpet cleaner in and he said that the stains
could not be removed. She had a really light beige carpet. I
looked and there were red Kool-Aid stains everywhere.
Normally, you can't get them out, but I can.

I got my iron, an old dishtowel and a jug of water. Put the
iron on high, get your rag or towel (preferably terry cloth)
wet, lay the rag down on the stain and put your hot iron down
on the towel. Press down with the iron in one place for a few
seconds and then just run the iron back and forth. Lift the
iron up and pour some more water on the towel and then iron
back and forth again. Keep on doing this until the stain is
gone. I have had really bad and big stains that took a half an
hour to iron out, but I got them out. I have even been able to
remove finger nail polish. I used polish remover first and
then the iron to get the rest out. It worked. It was maroon
polish on almost white carpet.

From the 9/26/2006 Dollar Stretcher
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