Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Isabel, the hurricane that keeps on giving

When Hurricane Isabel trekked through our area three years ago, we had so many telephone poles knocked down that many people were without power for two weeks or more. (We got ours in ten days.) The power company made "temporary patches" to the poles and said they would come back and repair them properly after the crisis was past.

One of those patches was on our road and they never made the lasting repairs. When the storm blew through with high winds this weekend, the whole pole and the three sections of lines it holds up went down into the water.

When we called to report the lines down, they said they would have the repair done in an hour. We looked at the damage and knew that wasn't happening! :-D They didn't come at all that night. We were without power Sunday and Monday. The howling winds brought down many trees and several limbs.

I cooked weenies on the woodstove and everyone hung out together in the addition. We lit the oil lamps and played with the wood scraps we use for kindling. Clint hooked the generator up and ran the well pump, fridge and freezers on it for a long time before bed. Then, we settled in and watched a movie on cable in our room with the children piled on the floor and the bed, each getting a turn for snuggles and tickles from Mom and Dad.

It's beautiful here today and everyone got some outdoor playtime.

Enjoy your week!