Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cutting Back on Laundry Tips

This was forwarded to me. If you know who authored it, lmk so I can give them credit.

Laundry Tips:

1. Have the kids wear the same pair of pajamas every night. Before you get upset and say there is no way you would allow them to do that, think about this. You bathe your kids before they go to bed so their pajamas go on a clean body. How dirty could those pajamas get while they are sleeping? Most people don't change their sheets more than once a week. What is the difference between sleeping on the same sheets and sleeping in the same pajamas?

2. Assign each person his or her own towel to use a minimum of two to three times instead of just once. In the case of young children, let them use the same towel. Up to a certain age most people toss their little ones all in the bath together so if they can share the same bath water they can share the same towel.

3. When you get home from church or someplace where you didn't wear the outfit all day, change out of your good clothes and hang them up to wear again.

4. If it doesn't look dirty and doesn't stink, don't wash it. We usually use jeans for a week at our house. (W's note: Can't do that when you live on a farm!!)

5. Don't be lazy. So often we get undressed and instead of putting our clothes away, we throw them on the floor in aheap. We don't want to iron, fold or even hang them up, so we just throw them in the wash. This makes more work later because we still have to iron, fold and hang them on wash day, but we also use more detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, hot water and time.