Friday, May 02, 2008

Turken Chick

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Turken chick

Our 18 year old friend Jenna visited us last weekend and she said "It's kind of cute in a strange way." She held one for a long time until it pooped on her jeans.
A turken is also called the Transylvania Naked Neck.
"Some people think it is a cross between a chicken and a turkey because of the unfeathered area on the neck. This skin turns red when exposed to the sun, further paralleling the turkey. However, this is actually the result of a single gene that affects the arrangement of feather-growing tracts over the chicken's body. It can be easily introduced into any breed. Turkens have no feathers on a broad band between the shoulders and the base of the skull. They also have a reduced number of feathers on their bodies but this is not evident until the bird is handled. " read more about Turkens here.
They are suppose to be good layers and meat birds.