Monday, October 13, 2008

Foolish Little Dog and the Big Tree

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That's the scraggly old maple in the front yard. It had so much storm damage and rot, Clint felt it was better to take it down himself instead of waiting for it to fall on its own.
Right as this was about to fall, one of our chihuahuas (Buttercup aka Flea) sat under where the branches fell. We like Buttercup, but she has a stubborn and willful heart and rarely listens.

Brandon and I called her and she got that attitude where she thinks "Call all you want, I don't have to obey you." She sat down and just watched us with that haughty little look of hers. Brandon and I knew she could be killed, but we were not risking our lives by dashing under a tree that was about to fall. We were unable to get Clint's attention for him to stop sawing. There was nothing to do except say a quick prayer for her and keep back. The tree fell, smaller branches hit her in the back and knocked her flat on the ground. She was pinned and had to work to get out from under them. Other than the scare, she's fine. I imagine she is a little sore from it though.
It made a good lesson on obedience to our children.
God's commands are not there to limit and deny us, but to give us protection and freedom from the consequences of sin.