Monday, October 06, 2008

Wall to Wall Children

On weekends, our oldest 5 children are allowed to "camp out" in the den if they have met certain requirements. (They must do well in school, chores, attitude and keep their bedrooms reasonably clean.)
We started this when Amanda and Brandon were 6-7 and they like it so much, it has grown into a tradition. I love going downstairs on a Saturday or Sunday morning and seeing all of them snoozing.

Miracle, Brandon's cat snuggled up in the bottom picture with Amanda, is not suppose to be in the house but she slipped by me when I opened the door about 2 minutes before I took the picture. She made herself cozy quick, didn't she? I am not sure where her cat Peace was, but she had probably slipped in too.

I am going to have the children name the next cats something like Blasphemy and Pride. It just does not sound right for a Christian to say "I do not want Peace in this house!!!" or "Keep that Miracle out of the house!!!"
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