Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thank You Gramma Susan!

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Emily saw the quilt Gramma Susan made for the new baby and tried to claim it as her own.
Gramma Susan made her this colorful fish quilt. Emily likes fish since we have them in our aquariums. She sat on the blanket and pointed to all of the fish even lifting up her hiney to point to the ones under her!
I've been on complete bedrest since the weekend because I was spending too much time with Betty the Trashcan (aka barf bucket). My throat is RAW and I keep losing my voice. I'll catch up on e-mail when I can.
Everyone else is doing great! Clint is taking a class in Norfolk. The shuttlebus is still in the shop because they did indeed have to order a special part (although not from Timbuktu). When it came in, it was the wrong part, so we are still waiting...
Please keep Luke in your prayers.