Friday, May 02, 2008

Tomatoes Upside Down in Buckets

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Here's the picts I took before lunch.
I planted green beans in some and lima beans in others. I am not sure how many buckets I have planted so far.
Don't forget to pray for Luke. He's having some issues gagging and his family will be moving to a new home this week or next.

Turken Chick

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Turken chick

Our 18 year old friend Jenna visited us last weekend and she said "It's kind of cute in a strange way." She held one for a long time until it pooped on her jeans.
A turken is also called the Transylvania Naked Neck.
"Some people think it is a cross between a chicken and a turkey because of the unfeathered area on the neck. This skin turns red when exposed to the sun, further paralleling the turkey. However, this is actually the result of a single gene that affects the arrangement of feather-growing tracts over the chicken's body. It can be easily introduced into any breed. Turkens have no feathers on a broad band between the shoulders and the base of the skull. They also have a reduced number of feathers on their bodies but this is not evident until the bird is handled. " read more about Turkens here.
They are suppose to be good layers and meat birds.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Picts of Tornado

Clint's friend Tim Koch sent this. I believe his sister Theresa took it. Click on the picture for a bigger image. It shows the EF3 tornado going behind Obici Hospital in downtown Suffolk, VA. This was taken at the Ruby Tuesday's. Please pray for those in our hometown as they pick up the pieces. I believe the latest totals were 200 injured, none killed (PTL!) and at least 43 homes condemned with 83 more damaged.