Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Here's the New Dog

She's 8 months old.
We've been told she is a full blooded rotti. We're not certain about her pedigree, but Aleshanee is going to be a BIG dog.
Rottweiler owners shared with us these dogs gain their height in the first year to 18 months and then fill out their bulk from then until up to 4 years. Aleshanee is already 23" at the shoulder.
We've seen several pictures of Rottweilers in this age & stage of development that look just like her, so we'll see how she fills out.
Again, we don't care, she is a gorgeous dog and is really smart. Nala spoiled me; I didn't have to do much work to train her to learn different commands. I could show her 1-2 times and she'd get it. I looked for a dog in the top 10 intelligent breeds and then spent some time with Aleshanee to see how fast she learned.
She can differentiate between the older children who like to play rougher and the younger ones who need gentleness which is important in our household.
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