Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lawmaker Wants Answers On Gardasil

http://www.kake.com/kansas/headlines/39581687.html for video.

Gabi Swank's mother, Shannon, thought her daughter should get the Gardasil shot because cervical cancer runs in their family. But with each round of the drug, Gabi kept getting sicker. The once healthy, spunky cheerleader is now home bound, on a dozen different medicines and doctors say she will die from the complications.

Twenty-eight women have died, reportedly from the Gardasil vaccination. The FDA says it continues to follow the drug, but it maintains the benefits outweigh the risks.

In 2007, Wichita Representative Delia Garcia introduced a bill that would require all young women to get the HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. Now she wants the FDA to look further into the side effects to make sure it's safe.