Sunday, February 22, 2009

So far this weekend,

I have treated a cut toe with glass in it (Emily), a sprained foot (Shanee-pronounced Shah-nee) and pinkeye in myself.

Emily picked up glass somewhere, but we aren't sure where.

Shanee came flying in the house after being outside in the rain. She jumped over the baby gate and hurt herself when she slipped on the hardwood floors. She already knows who to come to for help! She came straight to me limping and whining with her paw up in the air. "Mama, fix it!" I "poor baby"-ed her and she seemed happy with that. :-D

Everyone keeps asking how Emily is doing with Hannah. Emily had no problem with Hannah. It was me that made her mad! While I was in the hospital, she called for me a lot. I called home and talked to all of the children and Emily cried when she heard my voice and kept calling for "Mom Mom." That made me bawl! That was the end of that tender moment though. When she came to the hospital the next day, she would not talk to me for the first 15 minutes! She wouldn't even look at me! After she knew I got the message that she was not happy with me being absent, she was my baby girl again. There I was wanting to hold her and she's not having it until she let me know just how she felt about me leaving her! She's a fiesty little gal with her own mind and an incredible sense of humor for her age.

As far as Hannah goes, we let our children hold, touch and help out the new babies with parental guidance. Clint and I tell them the baby is not his and mine, but a gift to the entire family. It is all of our responsibility to help the newest and littlest along. When everyone feels they have an important part in the baby's life, they don't need to wonder where they fit in. They already know! We have never had a problem with jealousy or rivalry. Everyone here is a gift to each other and we all need each other to make this family work or else God would not have put us together!

Emily does not like it when Hannah cries and tries to comfort her by giving her blankets. She is curious about Hannah so we've let her check her out from head to toe. She likes the fuzz on the baby's head and will pat her head. She's still learning how to be gentle so we keep Hannah in our arms or line of sight at all times.

Clint, Brandon, Amanda and Joshua are getting ready for the Winter Jam concert tonight. I really wanted to see tobyMac and Brandon Heath perform, but I can't go with Hannah. So, I am staying home with Caleb, Bethany, Emily and Hannah. Per request, we'll make pizza and chocolate chip cookies tonight. Caleb likes the idea of being my "biggest helper" tonight as it is not something he gets to do often with three older siblings!

Please pray for our friend Judy. She went to the ER with chest pains and a bad headache and the doctors found a spot on her lung. They did tests and we are praying they all come back OK.

Please pray for Sheila, Mark's wife. She is having surgery soon.