Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Son Caleb

Caleb was my rocket baby. He came in 20 minutes start to finish.
I did not know I was in real labor until I walked up the stairs and felt him drop hard.
I told Clint to put his hand between my legs to support the baby's head because I was worried he'd fall out as I went up the stairs.
I laid down on the bed and asked Clint to see what he could see. He backed up three steps, pointed at me and said "Whoa, you are WAAAY dilated!" After that, Clint was all business and so was Caleb. Goodness, that one HURT, but at least it was over with quick!
Caleb came out with white blonde hair and blue eyes. I knew he got that from the Bailey's.
Caleb has my gift with animals, loves gardening, can build like it was inherited and loves seafood. He draws me pictures every day that say "I love you Mom." He will be 8 in June.
We took him out to a local restaurant for crab last week on his night out with us and he ate his fill. This is him sitting back and sighing after his meal.
I wish I could take him and Amanda fishing and crabbing, but I can't figure out how to do it safely with a nursing baby and a toddler!
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