Friday, July 24, 2009

Clint & I Highly Advise Against

purchasing a/c's from GE until they get their act together and start supplying the backs for the a/c cover.

Last night, we purchased a replacement for ours from Sams Club for $439. GE sells model AEH25DMH1 for $699 through their website and it has some nice features. Clint called today to have the part we thought was missing from the cover shipped to us and was informed they are no longer sent, because they are "not needed."

Oh yes they are! One little bump will damage those fragile little aluminum grills causing reduced air flow to the unit which will affect efficiency. If you have the unit in a first floor window, like we do, it's at high risk for damage. People can bump into it. Things can fall on it. Children will hit it with toys. Storms can blow things against it.

Not only does it leave the unit at risk of being damaged, it is ugly. It clearly has holes to install a back on the cover. This is yet another instance of "paying more and getting less."

Currently, we own 7 other window a/c units in our old farm house. Every single one of them, except this one, has a back on the cover. It's one of those things a normal person just expects to be included in the purchase.

Clint told the customer service agent that he would not have purchased the unit if he had known this. There were no pictures of the back of the unit on the box. He was told to "take it back." Easier said than done when it is already installed.

We are going to make a hardware cloth screen to fasten to the holes where the one meant for it should have been installed. There was no where on the box or in the manual mentioning or explaining why this part is no longer included. We will not be buying GE appliances in the future unless we can ascertain they have all of the parts WE feel are necessary beforehand.
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