Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Night at Yorktown Beach

She spoke to everyone. Nearly everyone looked away or hurried by her. A few muttered "Hi." Maybe it was too painful for them. It was her big, beautiful, brown eyes that stopped me. "Hello!" she said with a loud and cheery voice. Her quarterback sized daddy watched my reaction carefully. Loving a child is something I know how to do. "I have this covered!" I said to him with my eyes. I kneeled down and asked her "Are you enjoying this beautiful night?" She nodded tiredly. I rubbed her hand. It was under-developed and slightly twisted from the defect having its way with her body. "It's so beautiful out here, but I see someone more beautiful than this beach and the river." She tried to move her head to look around. "It's you! You are more beautiful than this night!" She smiled big. Her daddy nodded at me and whispered "Thank you!"