Monday, July 19, 2010

What Works for Me

I have tried many of the time management systems and none seemed to work well for me. I found many required more of my time to use than most of the entries! Some were complicated requiring multiple entries for one item. Others were pricey and required me to continue to purchase their product, which is good for their sales and bad for my wallet.

So I created my own system. I've used it successfully for many years. I have separate clipboards for each type of list that holds not only the list, but any instructions, recipes, charts, etc I need. I have different places in the house I hang them, but most are kept over my desk.

I have clipboards for: groceries/shopping/errands, livestock/pet care, homeschool, gardening, household to-do, goals, a daily school checklist for each child (slid into a page protector and marked off each day with a grease pencil), etc. Many of my clipboards have a note on the metal clip reminding whoever finds it to hang it. "Household To-DO List: Please hang over my desk~Love you, Mom." These little notes have helped me keep track of the clipboards, even when I can't keep track of them. :-D Hanging them up keeps the lists in sight as a reminder and also keeps them out of reach of the babies.

This is what works for me. It's cheap, simple to use and effective at reminding me of what needs to be done in each area of my life. It's easy to restart if I get off track for a little while.

Btw, I found clipboards for a $1 each at Roses.

We use for a family calendar and reminder service.

I hope this blesses someone!

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