Saturday, December 04, 2010

Learning to Help

Hannah (1) ran over to help Clint spread the tarp that goes inside the teepee. It would have been simpler for him to do it himself. However, he would have lost a valuable opportunity to teach Hannah that helping is good and fun. Anytime our children have tried to help with something, we have encouraged it as long as it was safe. Hannah is only one, but she ran across the yard to help our family by spreading the tarp. She knows she is needed. Her input in our family is important. Let your children help, and praise them when they do. When Emily helps me clean windows, she misses a lot. I always have to go back over the window. I can still praise her for a willing attitude, her persistence and for keeping me company. Somewhere in her mind, she had to see me cleaning windows and think "I will help Mom." Then, she put those thoughts into actions. When I reward her with praise for her help, it reinforces taking action when a need is seen.

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