Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Losing the Baby

While we have suspected as much for a few weeks now, I am miscarrying Clint's and my 11th child. Emotionally, we are sad, but OK. We can feel the prayers of our friends who have known for the last few days sustaining us. If you want to pray for us, pray the miscarriage will be complete and over quickly without heavy bleeding or infection. We have peace that goes beyond understanding and are rejoicing that God chose us to make this child known to us even for a short time. We will not let this prevent our rejoicing in Hannah's birthday today or our celebration of Christ's birth.

You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light Psalm 18:28

There is one person who publicly wished harm to our family when we announced the pregnancy. This is to him. I know someone will let him know it is here:

I have taken down my confrontation of the publicly aimed hate towards my family because I know the person has read it. My point was to tell this person they are so very, very wrong on how they have treated my husband and family. Just because my husband and I have chosen not to list the things done against us by his mother does not mean she did not give us reason to back out of her life.
I left the last paragraph because it is the heart of my message to them:

I do hope that one day, you are able to let the love of Christ into your life. Once you truly let Him in, you will see that He fills you up so much that you can not hold hate in your heart for anyone over anything. Your own sins against Him and others become so big, that you realize your own condition before Him. Once that is fully realized, you can not help but view the sins of others with compassion and humbleness. His love washes clean those bitter feelings and brings complete and total healing. That is my sincere prayer for you....that you come to truly know Him and find this deep and lasting healing.