Monday, March 07, 2011

Clean Up Complete...and Then Some!

Clint said that as he opened our driveway gate when he got home Friday, he could hear the back up beeping sound. He knew temptation had overcome me. "Wendy is on the bobcat." That's a nice piece of equipment. I had so much fun driving it; I didn't mind going outside in the cold wind to wash off the caked on mud this morning.

Clint didn't expect me to have Boots, our chihuahua, in the cab with me, but I had to do something with her. Boots thought the machine had captured me. She was running around it in circles, jumping in and out of the bucket, and growling and barking at it!! That dog is less than five pounds, but she acts like she weighs 500 lbs. It was risk injuring or killing her, or put her inside with me. Ending my exploration of a fascinating new toy was not an option. :-) Once she was on my lap, she was fine.

I spent about 3-4 hours driving it. Clint clocked the rest of the 18-19 machine hours we put on it. We pulled out and cleared off the large support poles from the barn, cleared the metal laden dirt and leveled the area. We leveled the front and back yards. We cleared off about five acres of land out back which greatly reduces our risk of a brush fire. We still need to clear behind the small barn, but it was too wet to try it with the bobcat. Then, we dug ditches along the driveway, but did not get that finished due to the rain making it too messy. We may rent an excavator to finish the ditches to improve drainage.

I did not understand what Clint was telling me. The $35,000 was additional coverage to the basic plan. Total coverage on the barn is $52,000. That is still not enough to rebuild it as it was. Right now, we are not sure what we will do. We called the mortgage company within 24 hours of the fire, but still have not received the package of information explaining our options from them.

There was more I was going to share, but motherhood calls....Hannah is asking for "Mom-meeee!"