Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OBX Photos

Rub a dub dub, three girls in a jacuzzi tub!
I enjoyed the hot tub, but this jacuzzi in the master suite was da bomb!

Caleb was "good and dirty" after playing with several other children on Jockey's Ridge! He and Joshua rolled down the dunes with the other children there.
Clint and I sat in the overlook since my injured ankle could not handle the shifting sands.
As families left, we received many compliments on Joshua's, Caleb's and Bethany's behavior and social skills!
Not only did they introduce themselves to every child and parent there, but they helped several find their way around!
When I made a crack about "unsocialized homeschoolers," one mother told me she was not surprised that they were homeschooled because they were so well behaved and had excellent social skills!

Brandon thrilled Hannah by holding her over the incoming waves.
It was chilly the first day we arrived, but temperatures soared to 83 the next day and stayed warm the rest of the trip.

Miss Amanda reacting as I teased her about a boy!

Joshua digging!
There's so many of them and they are all so creative, they really do some excavating on the beach. (We   taught them to fill any holes in to protect sea turtles. Sea turtles will get trapped in big holes in the sand.)
They had a huge castle with a moat that filled in as the tide came in. I missed getting a picture of it, but it was something else!
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