Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Playground

The embers that blew from the barn set much of our yard on fire. We had to throw away many of the children's outdoor toys because they had melted. Even their metal (shed) clubhouse had the wooden floor burned out. We wanted to give them a safe place to play this summer.

Clint, Brandon and Amanda put together the Highlander Play Set with Slide. Clint added a second slide (dark green) from an old swing set we had. We also had another wheel we could add on the inside. Their smaller swingset is sitting behind the Highlander swing set.

I had help from Amanda, Joshua, Caleb, Bethany, Emily and Hannah in putting together the Cedar Chateau. Clint had to finish the inside table, sink, stove and the picnic table on the outside once it was moved into place.

Eventually, I will stain the sandbox to match the cedar pieces. The playset and the chateau need a better coat of stain on them too.
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