Friday, July 15, 2011


It is hard to believe July is already half over! Summer is passing far too quickly.

Clint is working a lot of overtime this summer to help us purchase the things that are on the insurance claim while we can be reimbursed. We had replacement windows and other building materials in the barn, and those are next on the list for us to repurchase.

I am still experiencing pain and swelling from the car accident in April and have an appointment to see a different doctor. Homeschool, housework, and the livestock are keeping me very busy as always. I love being home with my children and working with the animals. I am hoping to plant a fall garden and another round of sunflowers. Clint took me away last weekend for some romance and relaxation. Life is very full and very good! God continues to shower down blessings on my family, and I am so thankful.

Brandon, 19, is working on a custom computer he designed. He reminds me so much of a younger Clint. Any time I have an issue with computers, he fixes it for me. Between work and college, I do not see him as often as I'd like. His goal is to finish college and purchase a home to fix up. Seizing all of the moments I can with him and Amanda is keeping me busy too!

Amanda, 16, is such an incredible help these days. No matter what I am doing, she joins in with a good attitude. I watch her knowing I am getting glimpses of the future. She has really, REALLY enjoyed shopping for new clothes since she lost most of hers in the fire.

Brandon and Amanda surprised Clint and I by purchasing two AKC German Shepherd puppies. They have wanted German Shepherds since our German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross, Nala, died a few years ago.

Joshua, 11, not 10 (Thanks for catching my goof, Grandma Susan!), continues to excel at everything he puts his mind to do. He has a near perfect photographic memory which makes school easy for him. (We homeschool year around.) He is a natural leader and is always thinking of new inventions. He often challenges Clint or I to a game or to solve a riddle.

Caleb, 9, was very excited when I let the three middles off of homeschool this week so they could catch tadpoles. He also caught a dragonfly nymph. Some of the tadpoles and the nymph are set up in my shed. He is enjoying his new bike and bike ramps we purchased for his birthday.

Bethany, 7, is still our sweetheart. She is so gentle minded; I have had to teach her how to stand up to a dog that was chasing her. She loves to help with cooking, and I enjoy having her beside me. She is looking forward to her birthday in September which is shared with Joshua.

Emily turned 4 at the beginning of this month. Emily is an outgoing, energetic child who shows strong leadership qualities. In her toddlerhood, she was often a challenge, but always, always a joy. She is excited over her new homeschool lessons. She came into my room the other day and announced "It was a dark and stormy night. The End." Then she turned around and walked out.

Hannah, 2, had a number two accident this week. I said "Hannah! You pooped your pants?!" She said, without missing a beat, "Bef-fan-ee did it!" She is talking up a storm, and it is wonderful to hear the way she sees things. She is learning letter names and sounds along with Emily.

In Lowes this week, where we seem to live since the fire, I washed Hannah's hands and told her "OK, go dry yourself." She walked towards the blower I had started for her, and I turned back to supervise Emily's handwashing. When I looked back at Hannah, she was standing directly under the drier with her hands dripping at her sides. She dried "herself!" Her hair was straight for a few minutes from the drier, but the curls sprung back one by one shortly afterwards!

You should know Bethany adamantly denies pooping in Hannah's pants. :-)

Please forgive any errors. I rarely do anything that is uninterrupted, but I would not have it any other way.