Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Picts

This is the first tide. It got a little higher than this. The tide at night rose much higher. We saw a car float away after we offered the people inside of it refuge! (They got out safely before it floated off the road.)We went out to check on some friends and picked up breakfast for the family on the way back when I took this.

I let the hurricane wash my rugs. I moved them before the high winds set in. Heavy rains with some dish detergent do a better job with these rugs.

In Hurricane Isabel, these tanks floated all over. Now, residents tie them to something to keep from losing them.

Ready at Contentment Acres
I love my old 4WD Ford pickup!
The light is on so if someone needs help, they know we are home.

We leave our gate open and the light on for every major storm.

Clint took a chainsaw to it. I saw him do it.