Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Breg Vectra Premium Low Walking Boot

The walking cast I ordered for my broken heel isn't holding up. I've only been wearing it a few weeks. The velcro has eaten through the foot wrap (aka "sock") and is now rubbing my leg. But, that is OK! Breg offers a 90 day warranty on their boots. The Brace Shop, the company I ordered it from through Amazon (click the boot), is sending me a new boot by mail. I will return the one I've worn out in the mailer they will send me. I am thankful they are sending me the boot right away so I do not have to go without the protection for my heel.

The boot is working! My heel feels SOO much better. I miss walking on the treadmill, but LOVE the new recumbent bike! I had to give up the treadmill due to my heel, but the bike doesn't bother it at all.