Friday, January 20, 2012


Per our annual tradition, we took from Thanksgiving week until January 2. Now we are back to the full schedule and that means I am very busy. If you send a message (through whatever means) and I don't answer, I probably haven't seen it. Sometimes I have a couple of minutes at a time between checking math problems for the middles (Joshua, Caleb, Bethany) or helping the littles (Emily and Hannah). That allows me some sporadic use of Facebook.

Don't let inconsistencies in how I keep in touch make you think I am avoiding you. I try to put people/relationships before things and tasks because if we aren't doing that, how can we be living for Christ?! But, I also have to teach and provide my family with a clean home, clean clothes, and healthy meals. I need my friends to keep me going on the hard days, and there have been a lot of those lately. So, if you don't hear from me, check in again. It's always welcome and appreciated even if I don't say the words.