Saturday, October 27, 2012

Different Values for Boys and Girls?

Clint was asked by a man how many children he had.


"How many girls?"


The man started complaining about many issues with his daughter's boyfriends including night time attempts to visit.

Another man piped in and said "I am glad I only have two boys."

Clint asked "Why is that?"

"I have boys, so I don't have the same issues he (referring to the first man) does with his girls." 

"Why not? Why do we not hold our boys to the same standards we expect of our girls? With my sons, I expect them to uphold the same standards of behavior as I expect of my daughters. Just as I won't tolerate it from my girls, I won't tolerate my boys being promiscuous. After all, every girl is someone's daughter or sister. Your challenge is to make sure your boys aren't the ones causing grief to other fathers, like (the first man). It's up to you to teach them to respect their bodies and the girls they like." 

If you hold your daughters to a higher standard than your sons, you are sending a message about their value to you. It is saying to your son "I expect her to behave this way because she is more worthy of my protection and guidance." It breeds resentment in the heart of your daughter when you tell her not to come home if she gets pregnant while you encourage your son to take advantage of every girl he can.