Saturday, March 09, 2013

Free Knitting How Tos Online

I am currently teaching myself how to knit. I wanted to find a new craft that I could use to bless others. While I plan to learn both, I decided to learn knitting over crocheting first because: 

  • many say it is harder to learn (I like the challenge of learning it first.)
  • more detail
  • ability to make nice looking clothing
  • wider variety of projects
  • already have several knitting friends to draw from
  • projects I leaned towards required knitting

Here are some websites that I am using to learn. I have found them very helpful.

How to Cast On (long tail)
Basic Dishrag

Following the recommendation of friends, I purchased Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic Yarn from Walmart and Boye 10" long #8 aluminum knitting needles from Amazon. Walmart did not have the needles.

It will be slow going. I don't get much free time and find that when I do, I am often interrupted. I'll keep at it though. I want to be very good before my oldest two find spouses and start making grandchildren!