Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Apology and Explanation

I deactivated my Facebook account for a few days for a few different reasons. Some I will share and some I can't.

I have had a tremendous amount of work to do. I thought not having messages to respond to for a week or so would help me manage the workload. Well, I learned a lesson. I got many MORE calls and texts than normal, so it didn't help. 

While we have had many things to celebrate, this has been a difficult month for me for a few different reasons. One of those is that my stillborn son, Isaac, was due to be born on the 28th. As someone who loves people and loves helping them, I became very drained while handling my own heartaches. As an introvert, I recharge and find healing by being alone with the Lord. I needed more "quiet time" than usual.

On top of all that, it was pointed out to me today that I had just posted a prayer request about Bethany's injury. Then, I deactivated the account for a break. Some people did not see the comment I left saying she had no vessel or nerve damage. What resulted was emails, phone calls, and texts to make sure Bethany and our family was OK.

Also, I am getting our gang ready for a nine day vacation we scheduled back in June. Starting this Saturday, while someone sits our home, we will be on the northern neck. We do water sports, biking, skateboarding, and yard sports, etc so the stuff we pack for nine people is extensive. It's a big job! Brandon and Amanda are not able to help pack this year because they have full work and school schedules. I have tried to keep homeschool going. I am bulk cooking what I can for the trip because it is easier and less time consuming to work in my home kitchen. I am cleaning our home thoroughly for our caretakers and preparing our farm and animals. I also had to get all of the grass and yard work done. 

It was not my intention to alarm anyone. 

Due to me being away from the computer and sharing a phone with my 3rd born, I did not answer every contact and that caused more worry. So then people started contacting Clint. He hasn't had time to answer because he is on call this week and is helping me pack when he is home. Him not answering caused more alarm! Whew! One little action on my part made a big mess!! Clint and I were getting hammered by phone, email and text, friends were contacting friends, our prayer group thought we had abandoned them or had major issues going on, etc. 

It bothers me to know I made people worry. I am very sorry for that. I should have thought through how that spur of the moment decision would affect others rather than think about what I needed. If I dare to do take a break again, I will try to remember to post a message on Facebook and on the blog first.

In case I forget and do it again, 757-272-8952 is me. I will take this down in a few days because I don't want everyone to have it, so save it now. I can't think of anyone I have ever known or had contact through the internet with that I would not appreciate receiving a "Hey, you OK?!" long as you tell me who you are first. 

And, thank you for caring. In this harsh world, sometimes it is easy to believe the lie that no one cares. It was a nice reminder that we are loved.

Bethany: She has a bit of infection we are keeping a very close eye on. Per her doctor's instructions, f it progresses, we will take her to see him. Other than that, it looks pretty good.