Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 photo turtles2_zps473b3c91.jpg

For feeding time, we place the turtles in a shallow pan of water and the add food. This keeps the food from making their tank water dirty. They are too little for a tank with a filter yet. They could get stuck on the inlet tube and drown.

 photo turtles3_zps02df2d33.jpg

This is called a scar. A scar on a turtle's plastron is where the yolk sac was attached. The yolk nourishes them as they develop inside the egg. They absorb the rest of the yolk shortly after hatching. It will eventually be unnoticeable. I am holding the turtle vertically with the head up. Current herp thinking says you should not hold a turtle upside down for more than a few seconds because it puts pressure on their respiratory organs.

Since I took these pictures and made this post, I have been gifted another turtle. We shall name them after our favorite four movie turtles.