Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How Do You Like the Oars on the Back?

I'll be sharing some pictures of our vacation in late Sept/early Oct. We had five wonderful days before Caleb's appendix ruptured. The timing was a huge blessing because everyone was in one place, so we had child care coverage.

 photo pack2_zpsfd0f44f2.jpg

The middles wanted to take their little boat, so Clint had to figure out how to get that loaded.

 photo pack3_zps09083340.jpg

Thank the Lord for tie wraps and the deckbox! Clint even got the crab pot loaded! We had things loaded in the back of the suburban and in both Brandon's and Amanda's cars too.

 photo pack1_zps447e4a2f.jpg

The bike with the big basket is mine. I always carry water, first aid, and snacks for my active gang. There is a basket up front for Maggie, my 3 lb poodle, and her water, leash, and a snack.

 photo missing2_zps0710c0be.jpg
my happy five, but missing two 
(or ten depending on your view of eternity and God's promises!)