Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interruptions or Opportunities

You wake up early so you can spend some time alone with the Lord, but your husband wakes up earlier than normal and asks you to do something for him. Do you get irritated, or do you put the book down and focus on helping him?

The children wake up before you have a chance to do your devotions. Do you get frustrated, or do you pleasantly take care of their needs and share something the Lord has put on your heart for them to hear?

You wait until they are busy with school and then make yourself a cup of coffee, find a quiet place, pray, and open to your bookmarked page. Then your youngest comes and wants to hang out with you. Do you gruffily send her to play, or do you pull her into your lap and shower love on her?

Do you ever have interruptions during interruptions? You know those crazy hectic moments that drive us to our breaking points? I believe God uses those to show us a couple of things: 
  • what is going on inside of ourselves...areas we need to work on to be more like Him
  • where our focus should be
Interruptions are often opportunities to serve the Lord. Minister to your husband, take care of your children, and tell your little one that you are reading about God and learning how to better serve Him because it is so important to you to do what is right and pleasing in His sight. Your heart is what the Lord is trying to mold more into His likeness, and your view of interruptions show the condition of your heart

Be wise, young wives and mamas, when the chaotic moments come, let go of your agenda and put down the checklist. Open your eyes and see what is going on. Yes, do those Bible studies when the time is right, but also make the most of interruptions to put God's love in action, exhibit self control in mind, speech, and action, and "do unto others." 

It might be God teaching you that we can't just read and listen to how God wants us to live, we have to act upon what He is teaching us.

James 1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.