Saturday, January 11, 2014


We love living in the country where we can observe so much nature from the osprey and eagles to the deer, foxes, racoons, skunks, opposum, and etc. We are reminded daily of the incredible beauty God gave us. These deer are the doe and doeling from last year. The little fawn has grown up so pretty! Two years ago, the doe had a buckling. He was very brazen and would walk right out into the open during daytime even when we were working in the yard. We never saw him again after hunting season. As you can see, we have a masked bandit visiting too!

 photo b_zps05f60d0c.jpg

 photo deer_zps48be820b.jpg

 photo deer_zps2c7b74e5.jpg

 photo deer3_zps8ee63593.jpg

 photo coon_zps654cf048.jpg