Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fill Out Your ICE Contacts

 photo 8e75ce17-d1fd-4ea3-862b-15d50a73aae4_zpsfe11928e.jpg

I took this picture after rescue arrived. Clint was the first trained responder at a flip over accident tonight. The deputies thanked us for stopping. Clint is amazing in emergencies. Some switch is thrown, and he takes charge and does what is needed. I am encouraging him to get his EMT certification.

An older man rolled his truck after losing traction on the wet road. Witnesses say he was air-born and the truck stood on it's nose for a moment. He is OK with minor injuries, but his and his aunt's only vehicle was totalled. Please pray God heals him and provides a new truck for him and his aunt to drive.

The man asked me to call his aunt for him, but he was so shaken up he couldn't remember her number or her name. He scrolled through his contacts in his phone but couldn't remember which one was her. If his ICE contacts had been filled out, I could have chosen one and called them. REMINDER: Make sure you fill out your ICE contacts asap because in that situation you may not be able to think clearly to get the people you need.