Sunday, April 06, 2014

5 Simple Ways to Make God a Priority

Most people put pictures on their walls of family members they love. It only makes sense to be reminded of your loved ones whenever possible. Without thinking, who is your number one love? Of course, God wants to be at the top of the list. He wants to have that heart, soul, spirit connection with you that only those who experience it can attest to or truly understand. So what have you done to "remind" yourself of the love of your life? Here are the top five things I believe you can do to keep God on the front burner of your heart.

1. Daily Bible Study alone and with others
2. Praise music in the background
3. Make prayer less "religious" and timed and more spontaneous as if you are talking to a friend that is always by your side.
4. Ask God to help clean up the sinful stuff in your life and mean it.
5. Pull away from people who are pushing you away from God and begin to spend more time with those who can help you get closer to Him. ~Jon Cash