Saturday, April 26, 2014

Air Layering

 photo airlayering3_zps4424c083.jpg

Score the tree around the branch in two places a couple of inches or so apart.

A branch no thicker than a pencil would be a better choice. I am doing this larger one in an attempt to save a badly damaged pear tree.

 photo airlayering4_zps50974503.jpg

Score a line down the middle.

 photo airlayering5_zps9744544a.jpg

Peel the outer bark.

 photo airlayering_zps4c6dfc1a.jpg

Coat with rooting hormone or honey.
I used honey.

 photo airlayering2_zps55874f77.jpg

Find a container and modify it to fit around your branch.
If it is a small branch, you can use plastic wrap.
Fill with dirt that will hold moisture and cover.
Check frequently and keep moist.
Roots will grow. Once a good root system has developed, you can separate it from the tree and plant. This may take many weeks.
The best time to do this is in the early spring right before new leaves open.

Update 4/17/2016: Yes, this worked! I have used this technique several times. I am currently using it on poplar trees. If you are going to prune or cut it anyway, why not try to get another tree out of it? If not for yourself, then to gift to someone else or to a little extra money.