Thursday, April 17, 2014

Flying Fruit

 photo flyingbanana3_zpsc00dd941.jpg

 photo flyingbanana2_zpse1a3c91a.jpg

 photo flyingbanana4_zpse3c1ff5e.jpg

 photo apple2_zpsd4483ee4.jpg

 photo apple_zps102122ee.jpg
Do you see the apple stuck in the fence?

Hot Shot can peel the bananas. He grasps an end with his teeth and drags the banana back and forth across the ground. He's muddy in the picture because we just had a rain the day before and he rolled and walked in a very wet part of the field. He'll stand out in the next rain and wash it off. He likes most weather including snow, but does not like thunder. Thunder makes him jumpy, but high winds don't seem to bother him too much.